About BWLC

The Black Women’s Leadership Council (BWLC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and Xerox recognized independent employee resource group that exists to aid in achieving company diversity, inclusion, and belonging objectives..  BWLC was started in 1986 by thirteen trailblazing black women in Xerox with the purpose of addressing the unique challenges that black women faced in the workplace while attempting to promote leadership and development opportunities at all ranks in the company.

Mission Statement

The Black Women’s Leadership Council serves as a catalyst to advance professional development and address issues unique to Black women in the Xerox workplace.   We work to forge partnerships with senior management that facilitate the hiring, retention, promotion and development of Black women while fulfilling Xerox’s business needs in the communities where we do business. 

Mission Statement

Black Women’s Leadership Council Serves as a catalyst to advance professional development and address issues unique to Black Women in Xerox workplace. We Work to forge partnership with  senior management that facilitae the hiring, retention and developement of Black women and satisfy business needs

Vision Statement

Black Women will be recognize and rewarded  for their
worth, knowledge, skills and successes.

Vision Statement

Own Our Own Destiny / Chart Our Own Course

Black Women will be recognized and rewarded for their worth, knowledge, skills and successes.

A Word

From Our President

On behalf of the Black Women’s Leadership Council (BWLC), I’d like to welcome you to our website.  I’m excited to build on the legacy set in place by our thirteen founding members over 34 years ago. 

Today, more than ever, it is imperative we cultivate an environment that celebrates, unites and is inclusive of black women.  Our organization is committed to providing programs that increase the participation of black women in leadership roles, economic advancement, entrepreneurial opportunities, and community service.   We will accomplish this through our strategic focus areas: Cultivating, Creating, Contributing and Collaborating.

 We are pleased to share our history, mission, programs, upcoming events and initiatives for our organization, designed to support our vision of enabling black women to Own Our Own Destiny / Chart Our Own Course. 

– Guyla Wrens-Armstead

Guyla Wrens-Armstead

Guyla Wrens-Armstead

Director, MPS Sales and Programs, Field/Partner Engagement

CULTIVATING  and supporting the company’s efforts to attract and retain the best talent, promote leadership and development at all ranks, build an internal support system for workers within the company, and encourage diversity and inclusion among employees at all levels.

CREATING leadership development and career opportunities for all black women.

CONTRIBUTING  to the achievement of business objectives for Xerox and the communities where we do business.

COLLABORATING  with Xerox Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) on targeted programming and facilitating productive and successful community and business partnerships.